Hotel CLASKA will be closing on December 20th, 2020

Hotel CLASKA will be closing on December 20th, 2020.


CLASKA was born in a renovation project of an old hotel facing Meguro Street, in 2003. For 18 years, we have welcomed guests from all over the world as a multiplex facility containing a hotel, restaurant, gallery & shop, and studio.

CLASKA Co., Ltd took part in not only operating the facility, but also renewing and enriching the cultural colors of CLASKA by opening lifestyle shop CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO", making new hotel rooms, and more. Through the products, services, and events born from this building, broadening the cultures and aesthetics of modern Japanese lifestyles has been our mission.

The building now 51 years old is facing inevitable aging, and continuous repairing while maintaining the quality and characteristic as a renovation hotel in the coming years is an insoluble issue. Also considering the fixed-term building lease agreement with the leaseholder, we decided this was the timing to put an end to Hotel CLASKA's history.

CLASKA Co., Ltd will continue on as a lifestyle company, carrying out businesses proposing a unique culture and style. Original products and shops (CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO"), online shop (CLASKA ONLINE SHOP), original furniture and interior design (interior & furniture CLASKA), fashion brand (HAU) - are just a part of our new step, and we hope to meet and collaborate with creators and companies in the new phase too.

Hotel CLASKA's last year, 2020 will be an exciting one with many Thank you & commemoration plans and events to be announced along the way. We hope to meet & greet many guests till the very last day.

> Hotel CLASKA Closing Thank you & commemoration plans

■Closing on December 20th, 2020 are

- Hotel CLASKA (4F-7F)
Tel: 03-3719-8121 E-mail:
Official Booking Site

- CLASKA Restaurant "kiokuh" (1F)
Tel: 03-3719-8123 E-mail:

- Studio CLASKA, The 8th Gallery (3F/8F)
Tel: 03-5773-9667 E-mail:

- CLASKA Wedding
Tel: 03-5773-9667 E-mail:

■Continuing businesses are

- CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" (14+ branch shops around Japan)
Tel: 03-3719-8124 E-mail:
Main shop and office, now on the 2F of CLASKA will move to another location

- CLASKA ONLINE SHOP (International shipping available, texts only in Japanese)
Tel: 03-5773-9667 E-mail: 
Office will move to another location

- OIL MAGAZINE (Web magazine in Japanese)
Tel: 03-3719-8124 E-mail:

- HAU (Original clothing by designer Mao Waragai)
Tel: 03-3719-8124 E-mail:  
Office will move to another location

- interior & furniture CLASKA
Tel: 03-3713-7740 E-mail:
Continue on with original furniture design, interior design

■For inquiries, contact

Tel: 03-3719-8121 E-mail: