Introducing Hotel CLASKA staff's new uniform by Japanese fashion brand "5W"

We have renewed Hotel CLASKA front staff's uniforms.


The no collar jackets & shirts, pants are made by Japanese fashion brand "5W".

The brand was founded by Satoshi Ono, under the concept of "Relax, Modern, Japan". The fabric is all made in Japan, and the designing, sewing, finishing - all the procedures takes place in Akita prefecture, where Mr. Ono is based.

All items are made for unisex use, and the relaxing, yet smartly designed wear fits people of any age, size or style. The brand name 5W stands for "Who / When / With / Wonder / Work", indicating the flexibility and freedom of it's items.


The jacket is based on the brand's icon item "Gaungi", with original fabric and logo embroidery.


The pants are based on "Samue pants" with original fabric matching the jacket, and the "Longrand shirt" to go along.


Mini bags to carry around the tiny stuff - for pens, memos, and more.

The clothing has a Japanese atmosphere, mixed with Mr. Ono's memories of different cultures, styles and music, from his travels around the world. It is modern and nostalgic, and the important point for wearing it as a uniform - very comfortable and easy to move around in.


We all look forward to greeting you with these new uniforms.

* "5W" items will be available for purchase at CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" (CLASKA 2F), by mid May.
* We are now hiring Hotel CLASKA front staffs. Contact for more details.