Mitsuru Koga exhibition "still life"

We are now showing Artist Mitsuru Koga's exhibition "still life" at CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO".

You can see his latest works - the first composition artwork that combines his past "flat series", of boxes, wire baskets, and cans.


"Gazing at the tools, materials, and the prototype works in my atelier,
it started to look like a kind of scenery.
This is a piece of "still life", with the motif of sceneries of an atelier.

Things I made and things that were made,
Pieces of my work and things that aren't,
3D and 2D.
I pursue where they all connect."

Mitsuru Koga


The wire basket, the box, and the can is all made with different materials, different procedures. The post cards, rulers and pens are real - "the things that were made", that really came from Mr.Koga's atelier. It is interesting how these normal, commercial items become part of the artwork once it is brought inside the containers Mr. Koga created.

You can also see some of his past works too.





Mitsuru Koga Exhibition "still life"
[Venue]CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" (2nd floor of CLASKA)
[Date]December 15th(Sat), 2018 - January 14th(Mon), 2019