Philippe Weisbecker's exhibition "PHILIPPE WEISBECKER WORKS IN PROGRESS" has started at CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" (CLASKA 2F).


In the gallery adjoining the shop are Mr. Weisbecker's most recent works, and inside the shop are his past works and the newly published archive book.



Walk through the 2 spaces and you can feel the paths leading to his newest series of works. We will introduce just a part of the exhibition.

The airplane series, used as the main visual for this exhibition.


From his broad collection of old newspapers from the flea market, Mr. Weisbecker chose the retro airplanes as his new motif. The body, head and the wings are deformed into simple lines, making them look like a toy plane model.


Mr. Weisbecker always has a passion for old paper, and this series shows no expection. All the airplanes are drawn on the back of old maps, and if you look close you can tell the land, ocean, and letters on the other side. A pencil drawn airplane, elegantly flying above the ancient cities. Time and space is condensed inside the wooden frame, so let's enjoy the wondorous travel Mr. Weisbecker has presented us.

The "kakemono" series is also a must-see.


From drawing the base paper and pasting them together, to carefully putting the strip and scroll part, Mr. Weisbecker has completed it all by his own hands.

Interested for many years in the "kake-jiku" culture of Asia, he was amused that the drawing seemed to stand out when framed on paper, and that the existance of "kake-jiku" itself seemed unique and independent when displayed on the wall. This time he handmade his own "kake-mono", arranging the form and design so that it would match his simple and modest drawing.


On the paper stage are daily objets - a dustpan, a magnet, a clip, and more - that Mr. Weisbecker respects, drawn in simple lines. "This series is for meditation" he comments, and the words are true, gazing at the "kakemono" makes your mind calm and quiet.



Also at the gallery, you can see the "hat" "chocolate mold" series.

Like challenging for the new "kake-mono" series, trying new methods is one of the most exciting things about continuing his creation as an artist, he tells us. In the past 20 years, Mr. Weisbecker has gone through different styles - changing object, material, coloring, lining, and so.


The exhibition is held in commemoration to the newly published archive "PHILIPPE WEISBECKER WORKS IN PROGRESS" (published by Pie International). Including 700+ works from 1997 til now, the book is on pre-sale at the exhibition. Enjoy Mr. Weisbecker's world in the 568 pages full in color (bilingual in Japanese / English).


Mr. Weisbecker decided the 12 categories of the book (such as "CONSTRUCTION" "TOOLS" "DAILY LIFE" etc), but other than that, he left the design to the hands of Art director Kaoru Kasai. From selecting the works, page and title design, the specification of the box and paper, and more - the book was finished with the utmost care and perfection, making itself one piece of artwork.

In the beginning of each category is a commentary by Mr. Weisbecker in his own words, and besides the numerous works, a long interview and shots from his atelier in Paris is featured. For long time fans the book is absolutely a must-check, with a precious lineup of works that can no longer be seen in exhibitions, and for new fans the book should be an excellent introduction to his work and being.


In the shop space we have some books open for customers, so feel free to turn the pages. We also have many other archives and books published in the past available.


Inside the shop space, we have a wall full of Mr. Weisbecker's past works. With many cars and buildings drawn in the unique perspective, the display is worth seeing - some people enjoy it close up, some from a step away. Feel free to enjoy it in your way (photos are allowed too.).

Comparing them with the newest works in the gallery, you can see that less colors are used in recent pieces. Mr. Weisbecker told us the reason - "By using less colors, I think I can focus more on the essential."

Many of the works are already sold, so if you are thinking of purchasing a piece, drop by quick.



Besides the artwork, we also made a bag with Mr. Weisbecker.


Mr. Weisbecker uses our long-selling "G&S DO 2-way Canvas Tote" usually, and had 2 requests. The limited model now comes with the shoulder strap 30cm longer than usual (for his tall height), and a zipper added to the inside pocket (to feel safe even in Europe). His airplane drawing and our shop name is printed.


Come and feel the past and present of Philippe Weisbecker. The way he sees the objets, and the way he draws the essential with his simple lines, makes us realize and appreciate the beauty of the world.


Exhibition held til July 1st(Sun).

[会場]CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" 本店(CLASKA 2F)
[会期]2018年5月25日(金)~7月1日(日) 11:00~19:00