Kazuto Yoshikawa Exhibition "a forest in the city"

We are now showing woodworker Kazuto Yoshikawa's exhibition "a forest in the city" at CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO".


From wild and sumblime bowls and daily wooden tableware, to block building objets. A variety of Yoshikawa's works have gathered in our gallery space, with a pleasant smell of wood.


Colorful objets welcome the visitors.


Elephants and giraffes, alligators and armadillos, even smiley "gods" are proudly lined up.


At the start, these objets were made from odds and ends of wood leftover from making normal works. Look closely, and you can find a glympse of what the original wood was used for - a small hole for making hangers, or a round edge after carving out plates. With Yoshikawa's bright and playful ideas, the odd wood has a new life now, looking cheerful in many colors.


The elephants and giraffes were popular, and became official products. The elephant's unpainted wooden skin is so sleek and smooth, you can pet forever.


The giraffes, same in shape but with identity in the patterns. All the objets are made of wooden building blocks, so you can of course play with the pieces.


Wooden tableware is also shown, including the "Yugami-wan"


"Yugami" meaning warped or distorted, the Yugami-wan uses the slight warp caused when drying the wood as a characteristic. The unique curve fits naturally with your hands. We have brown and black in stock.

Usually, there is a base in the bottom of Japanese soup bowls, but the Yugami-wan doesn't. Yoshikawa came to thought of this shape with no base, so that he could enjoy more "Tonjiru (common Japanese miso soup with pork inside) " on a cold day back in his Gifu days.

The simple round contour and somewhat modern impression fits not only miso-soup, but also western menus too.


The color gradation is cause from the lacquer soaking, giving each and every bowl a different expression, along with the shape and size.



Besides bowls, plates, spoons and cups are also shown. Enjoy the wooden tableware in your every meals.


Showing a large presense are these plates and bowls, carved wildly from raw timber.


The 2 partly decayed plates used to be part of a sacred tree in a shrine. The grain and rings, the nodes and the smell have a divine feature. "Like flowers and green you bring home, I want people to bring trees into their lives as something from the nature." Yoshikawa says.



His message is in the title "a forest in the tree", too. Yoshikawa's works are not only functional as vessels, but also brings a breeze of the forest by just exisiting there.


Objet-like hangers, and furniture is also displayed.The showcase and table, stool and a cabinet bench is all handmade by Yoshikawa.


In the entrance, Yoshikawa prepared a photo space for visitors. Enjoy a shot with the with the large elephant and giraffe objet!



Exhibition til October 9th(Holiday).

Kazuto Yoshikawa Exhibition "a forest in the city"
[Venue]CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" (2nd floor of CLASKA)
[Date]September 22nd(Fri), 2017 - October 9th(Mon/Holiday), 2017

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