Naruigama Daily Tableware


Naruigama is a pottery in Mashiko, a famous ceramic district in Tochigi prefecture, making daily tableware with the historic climbing kiln. Using the land's soil and glaze and the kicking potter wheel, the work made has a massive and wild impression.

At CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO", we have many items from Naruigama in stock now.




The shape and atmosphere varies by each piece, so see which one fits you most.


Bio tea by Kamimizuen 800yen + tax

Grown with no agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers, and aged for over a year, the Bio tea by Kamimizuen is full of scent and taste. You can make fine cold-brewed tea in just 30 minutes.

We have delicious iced Japanese tea ready, so stop by for a drink.

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