CLASKA Restaurant "kiokuh"
New Dinner Course "Shiratsuyu"

CLASKA Restaurant "kiokuh" on the 1st floor of CLASKA, will be serving the summer dinner course "Shiratsuyu" starting August 18th(Fri).

The nights gets darker and cooler as a sign of Autumn, and wild flowers are covered with glistening white dew in the morning - called "Shiratsuyu" in Japanese. Inspired by this dew, the 7 plates for the very transient season uses both fresh summer tastes and harvest of Autumn.


2017 Summer Dinner Course "Shiratsuyu"

Star of David, in many ways

Pike conger, Mushroom, Salted Back Fat

Vegetable bayaldi, Milk lamb

Pot au Feu of Late Summer
- Smoked Tuna, Tomato, Raspberry -

Ray meunier in Grenoble style

Lamb, Mussel, Smoked potato

Foresty Dessert
- Butternut squash, Porcini, White Chocolate, Truffle -

Mignardises, Coffee or tea

7 Plates ¥6,000
*Tax is not included. Also, service charges (10%) are applied at dinner time.
*The menu may change, due to climate and availability on the market.
*Dinner course starting time is from 18:00 to 21:00.
*Menu serving from August 18th(Fri) until end of September.


Natural wine, craft beer, Sake is newly on our drink list, and we also have a wine paring course ready. Try and enjoy the mariage.

Wine Paring
5 Glasses ¥4,000
*Tax is not included. Also, service charges (10%) are applied at dinner time.


CLASKA Restaurant "kiokuh" Chef
Hidemitsu Yuzawa

Born in Tokyo, in 1981. Flies to France after graduating from cooking school and working at a few restaurants in Tokyo. Works at Michelin-starred restaurant "Le Jardin des Remparts", and becomes the first foreigner to be encharge of meat section. After 2 years in Burgundy, returns to Japan and works ate Michelin-starred restaurant in Ginza "Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo", and joins CLASKA as main chef. Selected as Sliver-egg in the competition "RED U-35" in 2016.