At CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO", we are having a fair of "DRESS HERSELF", a daily wear brand based in Niigata.

We are introducing items you can start using today; light and smooth wear to protect your body from the freezing air-conditioning


"DRESS HERSELF" was started by "Yamachu", a long established textile company of over 60 years.
Yamachu's spirit roots in itinerant peddling. Things have changed over the years, but we follow the spirit and do our best to deliver our products directly to our customers. In the years, we notice that so many women were suffering from conditions caused by the cold. Since then, we have continued the research and development to resolve the cold. As a result of sincere craftsmanship, we have come up with functional, one and only items.
We continue on with our inborn spirit, and keep on making products that we can only make.
(Translated from "DRESS HERSELF" website)


Stretch rib tank-tops 5,400 yen + tax


Soft silk knit sweater, with dolman sleeves 9,800 yen + tax


Socks that smoothens your heels 1,400 yen +tax


All the items are here just for a limited period.

[Venue]CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" (2nd floor of CLASKA)
[Date]June 24th(Sat), 2017 - July 17th(Mon), 2017

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