Yasushi Moriwaki
Pottery Exhibition

Yasushi Moriwaki's pottery exhibition is now being held at CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" .


Yasushi Moriwaki runs his atelier in Ohnancho, Shimane. Using clay and glaze from Shimane's rich land, he creates potteries for everyday use.


A year has passed from his last exhibition, and he brought us many new & small items to join our table.


The 3 pattern of colors - bluegreen with beautiful crazes, a smooth silent white, and an antique yet modern shade of yellow - fills up our gallery now. By a drip of the glaze or an inch from the fire, each and every one is born with a different color and expression.

A round flower vase.



For the ones with the thin opening, a single piece of green lies beautifully, and for the ones with the wide opening, a bundle of plants or wild flowers fits perfectly.

Bottle(Tokkuri) and small cup(Guinomi) for sake.


Plates, bowls, pitchers, cups, and more.




"A piece that you can add to your everyday tableware, and join the team naturally. I make my pottery, imagining they become something needed in somebody's everyday lives, by purpose, of course, and by existence. I would be grateful if people get inspired by my pieces, and start wondering how to use them in their houses." says Mr. Moriwaki.

Exhibition til April 23rd(Sun). Drop by if you are visiting CLASKA, take a close look at the detail, feel it's texture, and see which one fits you most.

Yasushi Moriwaki
Pottery Exhibition
[Venue]CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" (2nd floor of CLASKA)
[Date]April 1st(Sat), 2017 - April 23rd(Sun), 2017