Keiichi Sumi's Works "push me pull you"

CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" on the 2nd floor of CLASKA is now exhibiting work by Keiichi Sumi.


It is Sumi's 2nd exhibition here at CLASKA. 9 years ago, he presented works such as the "Cuckoo clock" here, which has happily returned this time too, cuckoo-ing and letting us know the time.

Among with the brand new portfolio book "push me pull you" many of his new & old works are shown.


Graphic designer, Hironobu Yamaguchi has been following Sumi's work for over 15 years now. For the 2nd time after a book of Sumi and partner Kimiko Matsuzawa (published in 2007), the two have collaborated once again to put together this new book.

Titled after a shop Sumi ran in Ikejiri-oohashi, "push me pull you" introduces over 70 of his works and is printed only 1000 copies, by TORTOISE in Los Angeles. Also, it if fully bilingual.


The book uses chip cardboard in the cover & backcover, and a special letterpress for the title.


Look close, and you should recognize that the words "push" & "you" are pushed, and "pull" & "me" are pulled, making the cover somewhat 3D. The special method shows Sumi's and Yamaguchi's playful mind and sense of design.

Also for this exhibition, we have made an original bookrest with Sumi (a book lover himself).


Other works are not for sale, but this bookrest is available for purchase. Open and rest a book on your favorite page, or choose the day's picture from a photobook for displaying. Made in a simple structure, it gently opens and holds your book. It uses cedar and beech, the tone differing by individual.

At this exhibition, these objects "Giraffe" and "Torso" are also available for purchase.



Enjoy these objects based on Sumi's ideas and works, here and at home.

"Cuckoo clock"

"Pencil holder" / "Bookshelf filling apparatus" etc

Using old tools and materials, Sumi rebuilds it into another object, and brings it back to life with his wit and esprit.

"Saddle bed"

"Cup with drawers" etc

"First aid suplly kit with piano"

With so many works here at CLASKA, he says he still has a mountain more at his atelier now in Waseda.



From the captions by Sumi, we can see a glypse of his thinking process. (Captions only in Japanese.)



Exhibition held until March 5th(Sun). If you are visiting CLASKA, drop by and feel Sumi's works.

push me pull you
Keiichi Sumi's Works
[Venue]CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" (2nd floor of CLASKA)
[Date]February 11th(Sat), 2017 - March 5th(Sun), 2017