Architects and designers representing Japan has participated in making CLASKA's 20 rooms, categorized in 4 design themes. Choose a room that best fits your purpose, preference, and style.


Design: Intentionallies

Room 401 - 403, 501 - 506

CLASKA's original Japanese style furniture will give guests a feeling of being invited to a friend's home. The carefully selected antiques and interior from various parts of Asia, create a modern yet relaxed mood, even on your first stay.



Design: Kaname Okajima

Room 604 - 606

The Tatami rooms take on a new style, mixing both the east and west, with a combination of simple tatami mats and beds. Should we call it the contemporary Japanese style. Not only will it comfort guests from long travels, but will also give them a sight of Japanese philosophy.



Design: Kaname Okajima (607 and 705)、CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" (704)

Room 607, 704, 705

Our newest series of rooms show CLASKA still is progress. Rooms 704 and 705 opened in September 2013, and Room 607 in March 2015.



Design: POSTALCO designer Mike Abelson(701, 702)、Kaname Okajima (707)

Room 701, 702, 707

"Story" is a new category born with the completion of rooms 701 & 702 in July 2018. Created by designers with inspiration, these very original room designs carry many stories in their background - from the materials, furniture, and even to the scenery from the window.