Tea Time

Start off your day with a nice breakfast plate, Japanese or Western style. Not only staying guests, but visitors are also welcome. We serve Fuglen Coffee.

Les gouters Light snacks

Muffin (Nature or Cafe noix)
Muffin (Plain or Coffee)
Chocolat cru 55% ou 72% (30gr) / lovingearth (Australia)
Raw Chocholate 55% or 72%(30gr)/ lovingearth (Australia)
Pain perdu aux fraises
French toast with strawberries
Crepe with salt butter caramel
Crepe with salted butter caramel
Chocolate tart with chicory icecream
Chocolate tart with chicory icecream

Casse crouteLight Dishes

Salade verte avec 2 pieces de baguettes
Green salad with 2 pieces of baguette
Casse croute (jambon beurre, jambon fromage, chocolat beurre)
Baguette sandwich (Ham & cheese, Ham & butter, chocolate & butter)
¥1,300 each
Boudin noir de christian Parra avec 2 pieces de baguettes
Boudin noir of christian Parra with 2 pieces of baquette

Pour apero With Alcohol

Olive, Pickles, Noix melange
Olives, Pickles, Mixed nuts
Vieux comte 24mois (30g)
Conte extra aged for 24 months (30g)
Jambon blanc maison
Homemade ham of Kagoshima kurobuta