Regulations and Policies

Please note, there are not assistants for the studios.
We may decline renting the studio, depending on the content of its use.
Using the studio for a different purpose from what was submitted on the reservation form, is not allowed.
In case of any damage on the property or equipments, we ask for customers to pay the repair fee.
Using flammables and water, smoking is also not allowed inside the studio.
Drinking and smoking, and offering of alcohol and tobacco to anyone under age, is not allowed.
CLASKA also runs a hotel, restaurant, gallery and shop.
We ask ‘STUDIO’customers to refrain from use which involves any nuisance.
Please note, CLASKA can not take any responsibilities for contingent
incidents of fire, theft, breakage of equipments and accidents resulting in injury or death.
Please note, prices may change without notice.

Compensation for Damage

Please take notice, not to damage property or any utensils and equipments. In case of any damage from you or your party, we ask you to repair the damage as soon as possible, or to pay for the compensation fee.

Suspension and Discontinuance

CLASKA is a multi-function space with a hotel, restaurant gallery and shop. Please note, we may ask studio users to suspend or stop their use of the studio, in case of the following circumstances: when studio users or their party have caused nuisance to other customers, when studio users have taken illegal actions, or have gone against public order and customs, when studio users have broken STUDIO’s regulations and policies.


Please note, the below list is not allowed in the STUDIO.
1. Dogs(excludes guide dogs), cats, birds and any other pets or animals.
2. Any object, which may be flammable or attract fire.
3. Any object, which may be of bad or offensive smell.
4. Moving built-in equipments. (excludes rented furniture)
5. Other illegal actions.