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About CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" shibuya branch

+ First branch shop of CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO"
+ Shibuya branch opened on 26th Nov, 2009.
+ Located in Shibuya Parco building Part1 B1F
+ Directed by Takeo Okuma, same as Meguro main branch
+ Takeo Okuma is not only directing the shop but also do some writings
for various publications for Japanese design.
+ Focused on "Japan made" products from handcraft to modern product on
all category.
+ Nowadays focusing of young talented celamic artists' tablewares.
+ Featuring feelings of Calm, Simple, Pure which is a main character
of Japanese design.
+ Shibuya branch has a small gallery space which will have an
exhibition of related artists and artisans.
+ Open everyday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm, No Holiday
+ Tel: 03-5456-2833
+ 15-1-B1F, Shibuya Parco, Udagawa-chou, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo #150-8377

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