CLAKSA has 21 rooms which separated by 5 categories and different designer. They are represented Japanese architects. Please choose the room for your original feeling of your visit.

【Notice of price revision of room rate】Thank you very much for your continuous support. We will raise up room rate of some rooms from January 1st 2016. We greatly appreciate your understanding.


Design: Intentionallies

Room 401 - 403, 501 - 506

The Japanese style furniture of CLASKA is our original, and will give visitors a sense of being invited to a friend's home. The carefully selected antiques and interior from various parts of Asia, help to create a relaxed and casing mood, but also innovative and fresh.



Design: Kaname Okajima

Room 604 - 606

The Tatami Room takes on a new style, which is both east and west, a combination of simple tatami mats and a bed. In other words, it is the contemporary Japanese room. Not only will it comfort guests from long travels, but will also give them a sight of Japanese values and philosophy.



Design: Kaname Okajima (607 and 705)、CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" (704)

Room 607, 704, 705

Please feel CLASKA continue to develop new series.



Design: Norihiko Terayama (701)、Kayo Sato (702)、Kaname Okajima (707)

Room 701, 702, 707

Energetic designers created everything by hand, from design through construction. All rooms are only one in the world such as a special work.


Weekly Residence


Room 601 - 603

The Weekly Residence room is a conseptual space, different from traditional ‘Japanese’ approach, and designed with walls of curved out holes to place bags, clothes and speakers. The room could be a business tool, in which to experience Tokyo as it is now.