Seasonal Japanese tastes and new ideas fulfill our French-based dinner course. Enjoy your gastronomic experience, with wine pairing too.

Menu Degustation Tasting course of 7 dishes
Snack / 2 Entrees / Pot au feu au debut de l'hiver / Poisson / Viande / Dessert
Menu Legere A light course with 5 dishes
Snack / 2 Entrees / Plat / Dessert
Vin Degustation
Wine Pairing (About 5 glasses)



To start off the night…

Charcutterie Assort
Homemade white ham

From the field and mountains…

Grilled turnip and Iberico ham
Salad with snap garden peas, snow crab meat and grapefruit
White asparagus marinated with tomato essence

From the sea and river…

Lightly roasted bonito, rasberry and cucumber
Stuffed sardine and zucchini with ratatouille, bouillabaisse sauce
Risotto with overnight dried conger-eel, green soybeans and ginger

From the prairie…

Foie gras poele, caramelised banana with macadamia nuts
Milk fed lamb and Morel mashrooms
Steamed Syamorock chicken, braised lettuce, ancient rice
Roasted Wagyu beef, girolle mashroom, apricot and almond

For dessert…

Affogato with Mirin - sweet sake
Marinated melon pine nut scent, yoghurt sorbet and dill
Pineapple cheese cake with basil sorbet
Fondant chocolate with caramel icecream